Movin' in

Well, here is the approach to the ceramics building. This is the side that Joe Public sees anyway. The kilns are around the side. Each grad student has their own little studio space. Sunshine Cobb is away for the summer, so I've moved into her space. It's more room than I have at home, so I'm as happy as a pig in poop. Right outside my door is the grad kitchen with freshly ground coffee and Bunn coffee making system. This is like having an open bar in a mainly Mormon town.
There is a fridge, microwave and a couple of chairs and a couch that fills in for a bed for the late night firings. A giant foot was on my wheel pedal upon my arrival. It has been known to circulate throughout the studio. There will be payback!!!


jordan said…
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jordan said…
have fun out there, tony.
have i sent any pictures of the new nscad studio? not exactly as comfy as yours, and definitely no bunn coffee machine.
happy to see you posting again.
-black dog

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