Old Dawg, new tricks

I've been back here at USU for two weeks now and I've got 2 bisque's under my belt and have made some work that started to develop in China. I have this window of opportunity to work here away from the phones, faxes, emails and all the nonsense of making a living as a studio potter. I thank my lucky stars every day that I married well. She ain't got money but she does cover my back in this bar room brawl that I have got myself into. Thanx babe, luv ya always!
I have continued to make baskets but I have started fooling with this hand built vase form that when all is said and done involves about 28 pieces of math. Not my strongest subject! I'm a good thrower and have decided not to work on stuff I'm good at during my stay here so I'm pretty much hand building.
The museum here has a very strong collection of ceramics and the other day I walked by the window and saw these amazing pieces by Betty Woodman. I had no idea of the scale of the work and was surprised to find them about 3 feet tall. The side facing the window was all together different from the side I encountered when I entered the gallery. This became the impetus of the new vase I made today with one pretty flowered decaled side and the other side is heavily textured. Gnar, gnar is everywhere! I also made some half versions of these vases that will hang on the wall. I'm calling them wall flowers.
Tomorrow the Joe Davis Show opens entitled "Touchy, Feeley". This promises to be a killer show and I will post pics to the blog.


Cas said…
You've got balls of steel buddy. You're changing your work so fast and boldly it is hard to keep up. I think it's terrific. These vases impress the hell out of me. Obviously you're familiar with Brad Schwieger, and Mark Pharis, but have you peeked at the work of Marty Kendall? Also a USU body and for your current hand building aspirations with super gnar I'd ask Neely sensei. Here's his MFA show:
Lee Love said…

I have a bunch of Noguchi/Rosanjin books checked out through inter-library loan.

I highly recommend:

"Noguchi and modern japanese ceramic sculpture" curated by Louise Cort:


Noguchi had as profound an effect on Japanese ceramics as Leach did, maybe greater. He is primarily ignored by American ceramicist.

Finishing up my McKnight Residency with a wood firing. Will move into another studio at Northern Clay Center first of July. Share it with young Breshnehan apprentice Andy. Andy studied vine handles out east and makes Richards handles now.

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