More Erotica

Here are a few more pics of the Joe Davis "Touchy, Feely" Show. It's rather a pity that a show this good is held in June when school is out and only a few people get to see it. For the most part it is the Art Dept that came to support Joe and his exquisite work.
Here is the man himself posed by one of my favourite pieces. You can't see the beautiful white glaze and white flocking combination. This little orange ewer/teapot would be my second choice. The sexual suggestions are so blatant and animated.
Bobby Free thought that a Dick Spoon was something you rested your private member in. Here he is trying to measure up. The Dick spoon is really a large spoon with the suggestion of a man's penis. This lovely white bowl with the pink polka dots is really a superb piece of design and craftsmanship. I can say craftsmanship cause it was a man that designed it. Here is a closeup of a spout with tickler condom, flocked pink penis lid and white flocked handle. I went back to this show today to spend some time looking at all the considerations that have been made in the assemblage of these pieces of art. Prices range from $1200 for the teapots to $4000 for a very complex bowl form with dozens of additions. I'd say bargain prices for the work involved.


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