Almost caught in another woman's arms

For 8 years now Robbie Schmidt and Pat Swartzenberg have run a week long summer pottery school at Robbie and Larry's lovely home. It costs $140 for the week and Pat and Robbie serve up probably well over $600 worth of food and drink per person. Sheila and I try to always show up at the BB-Q.
This is a week of fun, laughter, raku and salt firings and no portfolio needed for admission. It is about two women that give back to the grass roots and have never forgotten the thrill of teaching the beginning pottery students.
For every potter that makes it to the big stage there are thousands of volunteers, teachers and folks that are the salt of the earth keeping this craft alive and well.
I happened to rub my hand on the chiminea and then wiped my mouth. Hell, I'd grow a moustache if Robbie would latch on to me like that again.


Beryl said…
Hey Tony: next time try gluing on a fake mustache, it will last longer :-} Beryl

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