I've got the sickness

One of my first mentors and pottery teachers was Roger Kerslake. Roger is one of Canada's best kept secrets and makes really fine teapots, casseroles, jugs and utilitarian pots. Hey, he is also a fine painter and jazz musician to boot. Roger taught us to make pots with minimal tools- a sponge, a cutting wire, calipers, a rib, a throwing stick, a pin tool, a towel and we were good to go. Travel anywhere, do a workshop all in a carry on. Then I went to USU and was situated across from John Neely's studio which is a warehouse of tools. His motto" The potter that dies with the most tools wins!" My last workshop at Metchosin I took all of these tools none of which I could do without. If there are duplicates it's because I need the tool and can't find it. It's a sickness and I keep adding to it!
For all of you that would love a John Neely teapot his show opens online at AKAR on the 18Th. http://www.akardesign.com/ AKAR is probably the most visited website by potters in North America. It is how we keep track of each others work. I'm betting there will be red dots before I've had my morning coffee.
Can't wait to see your work, John!


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