We may not be BIG

but we are small. We are in the midst of our spring cleaning in August. This week we are shooting our 4Th ceramic educational DVD and the studio was looking pretty tired. We hauled everything out to hose it down and then painted the floor. It looks like a great little space with out the two potters and all their stuff in there. Because of city bylaws we are allowed only 500 square feet to be considered a "cottage industry". Anything more than that and you are an commercial industry and taxed out of this world. A local potter with 5000 square feet of studio/showroom dropped in to tell me she is paying $3000 a month in taxes. Guess what? Her business is for sale!
Sheila and I share 250 square feet of studio and have a showroom of 250 square feet. It is limiting but it is what we have and it has taught us to use the space efficiently.


Alex Solla said…
Hey there Tony,
In light of the size of your studio, what do you do with backstock? How much of what you make is sold directly from your gallery? How much is pulled aside for exhibition later in the year? How much is shipped off to galleries? Where do you guys pack and ship? Seems like a splendid use of space. Everytime Nancy and I feel like we need more space, we look at what you and Shiela have done... and then rethink our plans!
John Post said…
You know if you had more space, it would just be filled with more crap. We live in a small house and I have a studio about the size of yours. Every spring I go through and reorganize the space based on what I think I need at the time. It makes me get rid of a lot of the stuff I thought I needed, but that just ended up collecting dust.

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