Everythings coming up tulips

While teaching at Metchosin I had a tour of Robin Hopper and Judi Dyelle's pot collection, studio/showroom and quaint littttttttttle garden. I happened to mention that I loved one of Robin's parabolic bottles in the showroom. Well, voila it ended up coming home with me. Sheila buys all kind of plants and flowers for our garden and I can't remember their names so they are all tulips to me. This tulip brushwork of Robin's reminds me of my amateur gardener father's pride and joy clematis but in order not to embarrass myself it is a tulip vase- plain and simple!!!!
I placed Robin on the hearth above our wood stove with other friends. Our house is a collection of pots of people that I love and admire. When I sit down to read a book or drink a glass of wine I am in the company of friends from all over the world that share this love of clay with me. From right to left we have Bruce Cochrane's t-pot that has never held a cup of tea, John Chalke's Red Bridge, Ronnie the Rat Meyers Satantic Rabbit jar, Robin's tulip vase, Dan Murphy's asymmetrical jar and Ryogi Matsumiya'wood fired jar. Good company to sit in!!!


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