Outta Whack!

Alex the secret to our small studio is working in a cycle. When we are throwing it is a throwing studio. When glazing it is all glazing. When packing it becomes a room full of boxes, peanuts and bubble. All seems to work until the cycle gets out of whack. That is we have green ware, stuff that needs handles, glazing to do and an order to pack. It then breaks down and we are in a major funk.
Fortunately for us we never have inventory and can barely keep our own little showroom full to overflowing. If a pot lasts longer than 3 months in our showroom we think there is something wrong with it. I do have additional ware racks out side by the kiln to handle some pots drying and overflow bisque. The space does also limit the scale of my work. Bigger work is always on the floor and by the time it has been moved and mopped around a couple of dozen times I'm pretty well sick of it.
We also have a sauna house that I turned into half glaze materials lab and the other half houses the packing stuff.
I would love a bigger studio but after spending all my excess money over the years on pottery stuff if I have an extra thousand or two I want a hot tub to soak my bones in and share a glass of grape with my bride.


John Post said…
You know Tony, there are two of you, you and Sheila, shouldn't that mean you each get your own 500 square foot cottage industry studio?

Hot tubs are great, you're the hardest working man in showbiz, you should get one.
lal said…
We've had a hot tub (the same one) for 15 years. It has paid for itself many times over. If you can get one, do it. Also a great way to spend time with your honey and a glass of your favorite libation. Most wonderful when it snows...

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