Darting, Altering and Cleverness

It seems that everyone is darting, altering and being clever with clay. When I get into a funk of what to make I look at old Chinese work. A couple of British potters that do great work referenced by Oriental ceramics is my all time fav- Richard Batterham, followed closely by Jim Malone and then running neck in neck are Mike Dodd and Phil Rogers. I love this temmoku vase on an old copy of Oriental Glazes by Nigel Wood. I throw to thinly to do some aggressive fluting so I made some vases today with some paddling and a bit of surface fluting with a serrated tool.
I mostly make jugs which as soon as I pull a lip cuts the value of the piece by a third. It is now a kitchen pot and not a living room pot and therefore it is worth less. So today I made vases/bottles destined for the living room or at least the kitchen table with some flowers in them. They are not huge in scale at about 16"- a functional scale.


richard aerni said…
I think they would make lovely wine ewers...of course, I don't want to pay much for a wine ewer.
Gosh Tony, we need to get together and reaffirm our commitment to the thrown pot, not the altered, cut, darted, tripoded, pierced or otherwise amended piece. I guess my love of classical form damns me to ignominy, but I sure have fun with my glazes on those types of pieces.
Hang in there, the pots look fine, and, well, let's visit sometime.
Bob Brehmer said…
I like the idea of posting pots in their freshly textured state; I sometimes do that,too. nice shape and texture;glazes should pool in the crevices well.
I purchased your "taking the macho out of big pots" video a while back. really liked your direct approach to the making of larger forms. keep up the great work.

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