Gaggle or Rafter

Last week on my trip to Sault Ste Marie I saw a bunch of turkeys in the field. I couldn't for the life me remember what you call a group of turkeys. So it's a gaggle of geese and a rafter of turkeys. At the airport I saw a group of Orthodox Jewish men with the ear locks, beards and great black hats. I thought I love those hats and they look like fabulous quality men's apparel. I guess you call this group a bunch of well dressed men.  You guessed it! Made by my favourite Italian hat company "Borsalino". I think I need a black one to go with my brown and gray one.  A man can never wear too many hats.


mikpo said…
Try the Tilley Hemp hat. Nuttin betr.

Chatterbird pottery--soon to take flight and CHA-CHA--CHATTER!

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