The Pusher Man

One of my favourite songs of the early 70's was The Pusher Man by John Kaye of Steppenwolf. Well, the last week has had me teaching at Sheridan and a weekend workshop at The Mississauga Potters Guild neatly tucked away in a strip mall in a quiet residential area. Both places are as clean as a whistle when I arrive and then I have them start to push clay. And when you make an omelet ya have to break some eggs. The floors, tables and the bodies are covered in clay. At Sheridan we are having a hard time keeping up with clay making. Students can't figure out where it is all goes. Gee guys if on Monday I ask you to throw 6- 6lb plates in the morning and there are 15 of you that means we just used up 540 lbs of the 800 lb batch you made. I haven't even told you what you are expected to do on Tuesday and for homework. G D the Pusher Man!


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