Rats in a Bar

We met the Rat family at Ulrich's Tavern in downtown Buffalo. Ron and Hester Meyers and Sheila and I have an annual summer lunch at the oldest bar in Buffalo before they head south to Georgia. My nickname and term of endearment for Ron is Ronnie the Rat. Ronnie because it's kind of a hockey thing and he had always wanted to be a hockey player and Rat because my favourite images of his are the rats. Who in this world but Ronnie could put rats on their pots and have people love them and furthermore buy them?
Ulrich's has just done a face lift but the waitresses are still the best and the food abundant and delicious. I couldn't find the Men's room until the waitress pointed me to the Used Beer Dept.


Dan Finnegan said…
I often visited Ulrich's when I was a teen growing up in Buffalo...I wouldn't have known it from it's slick exterior, but the interior photos do it justice.
That's a lot of talent sitting in that old fashioned place!

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