Home and running

I had a short flight to The Soo. 80% of Canadians live within a 100 mile drive of the US border. The Soo is no exception since it a border town. It is however in Northern Ontario far from the larger populated cities of Southern Ontario. A snapshot out the window of a large tanker carrying natural resources thru the passageway from Lake Huron to cold and deep Lake Superior. The gray smoggy picture is my return to Toronto. The Soo Guild was a great bunch and I was treated like royalty. They have a cozy little building and an enthusiastic membership.
I got home late Sunday night and left to teach at Sheridan at 6:45 am to beat the traffic of the QEW which is my route and one of Canada's busiest arteries. A 70 kilometer drive in The Soo might take 35 minutes where the same drive here can take 2 hours or more depending on what's happening. It rained yesterday so that slowed traffic to a crawl. Welcome home!


Anonymous said…
Welcome back Tony! Have a great semester at Sheridan.
The Souix....is that where they ask,,,,,"sooo, whats up?"


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