Potters Field

Potters Field is a term derived from the bible meaning a plot of land for burying strangers. My old pottery had a tombstone that had engraved in it "In memory of the unknown stranger". People used to come visit the stone and there were many stories of murder and fires.
It is with great sadness that I inform you of the passing of friend and potter Bill Rowland. Bill made great pots for almost 4 decades. He didn't seek the limelight but was well respected by every potter that knew him and his work. He may be a stranger to you but Bill had a very strong local and provincial reputation as a potter's potter. He made some of the best salt glazed pots in the land. He left too soon but what he left is all top shelf.


You are right Tony - he made simple, elegant but strong pots and they really resonated with me -I just saw his pots once and that was in Ottawa at the 220 fingers show several years ago. I had never heard of him but here was a potter who made some of the best pots around. Gorgeous platters! A real loss to the art community.

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