The businesses that will be successful in the next decade will offer an experience. At Pinecroft experience is offered up in spades. Here is the summer line up for music. There are continual summer Sunday jam sessions. I'm there this weekend as The Jammin' in the Cabin Band  have guest Kiwi guitar guru Graham Wardrop playing with them. Chad will be on the grill serving up the burgers and word has it 350 tickets have already been sold. I will be in the studio answering 1. Where does the clay come from? 2. Have you seen the movie Ghost? 3. Is clay hard on your hands? 4. Is that oil furnace in the corner your kiln? 5. Do you have a real job?
#1. The ground
#2. I starred in it.
#3. My manicurist at the spa thinks so.
#4. No!  That is the furnace.
#5. No one else will hire me.


smartcat said…
Excellent answers. Enjoy the weekend....woth sun!
Barbara Rogers said…
Ah, it's PatrickSwasyClennell. Knew you weren't Whoopy or Demi! Keep the spirit!
Anonymous said…
Sounds about the same as the folk who used to ask me, when I had the store (vintage pottery, glass, and jewellery), did you make all this?

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