Tank top, shorts and a Stihl

Here are some pictures from Peter's Valley, NJ. The one with the knobby knees and the chain saw is Amber Zuber a Sheridan student that is the tech at PV for the summer. What a great experience including the chainsaw massacre. I would have rather seen chain link chaps, face mask and steel toed boots but hey in my youth I survived a knick on the knee from a chain saw when sporting Birkenstocks and shorts. Never again!!! Here is a pic of Amber, Susan Harris(Instructor and Professor from Utah) Andrea, Rhoni and Habiba. All of these students received partial scholarships to attend Susan's course on reduction cooling. I hope one of them applies that colour palette to their work upon return to school.


smartcat said…
Ah the invulnerability of youth! My heart is in my mouth every time I see someone using a chain saw, a brush cutter or pulling raku in shorts and sandals.

What a great summer you are having....such student work!

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