Lemon Aid

I teach Introductory Ceramics at OCADU- Ontario College of Art and Design University in downtown Toronto. Tell me this isn't a cool looking building. The students are cool too and I love teaching there. It is a a great culture from the receptionist to the janitor. Everyone is friendly and most helpful. It was week 4 and as you all know throwing is hard and these creative people start to get frustrated with their beginner pots. Their hands won't do what is in their minds so I send them home with a lemon and tell them to bring it back next week as a cup. I am never disappointed and the students love the assignment. I offer prizes of my cups and my clay supplier Pottery Supply House in Oakville always gives me a t-shirt or some brushes to present.  Lemons are frozen, cast in clay, sewn, baked, wired, fluted, folded and the imagination is the limit. Here are some pics. Does it look they are having a bad time? Lots of smiles, laughter and a new crop of mudpushers.


smartcat said…
What a great idea! And the results are as varied as I bet the students are.
Crosley said…
Okay, I will.
That is NOT a cool building, it's hideous. Poor Toronto, and actually, any city that permitted a building like that would have to be pitied.
It looks like a giant gas station canopy, especially with the "Fischer-Price" color scheme, and is about as elegant and refined as the coffee usually found at a gas station.
It IS an inspiring building, though - I can just hear architecture students saying they can't wait to design something that is the antithesis of that building.
But your pottery is always good, tony!
Ron said…
That's a great exercise. What fun!

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