Hot Car =Hot Babe

 If you're going to drive a hot car you're bound to pick up a hot babe. Here is the grand dame of Pinecroft, Tress Caverly in a 1915 Gray Dort built in Chatham, Ontario. Tress was born in 1914 so they both run a little slow but start up like a clock each morning. Tress looks like royalty in the purple outfit.  There is a 6 pack of beer under her seat. She was driving all over last year but at age 98 has hung up the keys.


Dawn said…
Ahhh...Tress looks great in that car! B said she was so happy!
Erwin Calverley said…
It seems that Tress and company had a fun ride using this Gray Dort. Maybe they also enjoyed drinking beer, while having a fun ride. It’s amazing that this Gray Dort was built in 1915. This means it has been existing for 97 years. Tress is only a year older with this car. For this car to exist for 97 years is an indication that Tress is really good in taking care of cars.

Erwin Calverley

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