God's slip

Dunking your pots completely in white slip sure can identify the flaws in the making. They say God works in mysterious ways and this time she decided to get to me thru a white slip. I've been listening to Terry Allen's "Give Me a Ride to Heaven" where he picks up a hitch hiker that is JC himself and JC drinks his beer and steals his car. The Lord works in mysterious ways and tonight boy he's gonna use your car!.

I just checked! My car is still here but I lost a few baskets and teapots.


Glad to see I'm not the only one with mushy slipware...
pincupottery said…
This has happened to me, too. Once I began dunking bone dry, it happened much less.
Hollow rims without a hole will explode which is exciting and heart breaking.
Recently my slip is peeling off under the glaze. No hint it will occur... it just does in the glaze firing for an unpleasant surprise upon opening.

Thank you for posting all of your e-ware ups and downs!
Anonymous said…
just ad a little darvan
smartcat said…
Yet another example of why I no longer try slip on raw terra cotta. I'm still not sure how Ron does it so successfully!

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