East of Eden

Thanx for missing me Eden. I'm about 2300 miles east of you now. For those of you that have followed this old dawg with his travels in the MFA pursuit I might encourage the younger ones to follow Eden DuPont's blog The Potter's Wife. Robin(Eden's potter husband) was my studio mate and a first year grad student from Ceh-neh-deh! MY kids have all left the nest and I'm probably two beers late for the party. Robin and Eden are in their 30's with kids and they are taking the plunge. They are part of my hope for good pots in Canada.
Here are some pics of their straw bale house near Nelson, B.C. I don't know where Illa is in these pics. She is a sweetie. Here is Robin, Eden and Roscoe and Sheila on the ferry.
Hey give Robin two more years and he's gonna tear down that Cat in favour of a train. I luv trains!


yep, with all the brick under the kiln, in the bagwall, arch and chimney he could have a train right there!

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