Headless man in topless bar

Now that I have your attention!!! I'm waiting for the land lady to send me images of her grad exhibition The "X Factor" so I can end this blog until my next adventure. Right now I'm back home being a potter and sex magnet. Heidi will have had a great show and I want to show it to ya before I sign off. She will probably check my blog before she thinks of sending me the images so here goes. I like to refer to her as my old bitch land lady but she gets in a big twist about being called old. She can live with being a bitch. Here is a pic of Heidi at Great Salt Lake. It's not been a week and I miss the ole B and all the USU family.


Alex Solla said…
Explain why you're giving up your blogging now that you'll be home? What's the deal with that? Too busy or too much wine? I guess I would think that you'd still have plenty to say even after grad school. So what's the deal?
Vicki Hamilton said…
Hi Tony and Sheila - I love the new look of your blog. I know I'm risking looking bad here when I say it's an inspiration. My blog has lain dormant for far too long. The wisteria is lovely! Mine is purple only but it looks nice as it weaves itself in with the golden rain tree.

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