Our Outdoor Studio

Our studio is very small. Due to zoning regulations we have 250 square feet of studio and 250 square feet of showroom. The studio is not very big for 2 full time studio potters so for 3 seasons of the year we get to use the outside as much as possible. It means getting work outside and into the kiln to make room inside for us to carry on. Here are some pots we just glazed on the cement pad by the house. You can see Sheila's cast iron bra and bullet proof undies that I leave to keep the wolves at bay when I'm off travelling. The kiln is loaded and firing as I post this message. It feels good to be making my bowls, and rolls (casseroles) that is.


Linda Starr said…
What about cast iron undies for you when you're away? Looks like a great load of pots.
Togeika said…
Tony, my urban studio garage is 22 X 18 feet. The car might share the space in February, but I can pull it out to glaze, etc. I am building a wheel platform like they use in Mashiko, a two holer, 142.4" long, 45" deep and 23" tall. Korean wheel in the corner and a Shimpo Gold in the other hole for guests/students. Will close it up with styrofoam board at night in the winter and keep soft clay under the seat of the platform and damp stuff on the overhead racks. I'll only have to heat that part of the studio at night.

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