What can ya get for a nickel?

It's Saturday here at Sour Cherry and we have our new apprentice here to learn how to run a pottery. Ava the Queen of England is here with us for the weekend so we are teaching her the art of the cash register. She likes the sound it makes- so do we!!! Here is a days work in the studio. Once a day of mugs would be over 100 and now it is an embarrassing 9. We seem to work in groups of 5 with the other things we make. Oh well, the one thing I have found out is the more time I put into each piece the more money I feel comfortable in asking for it.
So payment for Ava other than room and board is a trip to the carousel at Port Dalhousie. 50 some odd hand carved horses and it's still a nickel a ride. We all went on for 3 rides-30 cents. It's so wonderful to watch kids.


Anonymous said…
what a cutie... always love to see the little ones helping out

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