The "X" Factor

Well my buddy and former land lady Heidi Kreitchet has sent me pics of the pieces from her grad show entitled The "X" Factor. Heidi spent her last four months on her knees- not praying for my deliverance from Hell but throwing slabs of clay on a rubber mat. The letter "X" was her reference and she fired the "X" in wood firings that were fired hot, mid range, cooled in reduction and oxidation. She fired more kilns than any grad and I love her work. We had a lot of fun around the kitchen table drinking cheap wine and coming up with titles for the work. Exes ( the plural of X), Southern Exposure after a strip joint in Salt Lake, Tic, Tac , Toe after 3 X's on a brick, Malcolm (X) and the 24th letter. Well done Heidi and good hunting.
Uncle Buck.


FetishGhost said…
Those are fantastic! Hand the lady a piece of PIE!
John Post said…
The pics aren't clickable to larger images like most of your blog posts. Did you do something different when you uploaded them this time?
landlady said…
kimmy said…
Congratulations Tony on your Graduation in Utah, and especially sharing all your adventures with us. We wait patiently for your next one, and hopefully it will be just around the bend.

Great work Heidi! Some of them have the same magnetic appeal as a great Soldner piece - strength, movement, textured forms. Larger images would be nice, but their essence is undeniable.

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