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Transcending Borders
The quest for my Masters of Fine Arts at Utah State University that began in 2006 has now come and gone. The MFA Thesis Exhibition "Transcending Borders" was held at the AVA Gallery in Logan, Utah on April 17th and was a success. Stop by our studio and take a look at some of the exhibition pieces.They are a lovely contrast to our functional work.It was an honour to have a piece selected by The Nora Eccles Harrison Museum at Utah State University for their extensive Permanent Ceramic Collection.

The Title of the exhibition "Transcending Borders" was inspired by two things.
1. I have been working and building friendships in the USA.
2. I made all the work with clay slabs which was a different technique from my usual potter's wheel.
Take a look at the sampling of work from the exhibition in the slideshow.

When you pick something up, you have to put something down.
All this travelling, education and teaching has presented me with an MFA in Ceramics and now the honour of being inducted into the Royal Canadian Academy of the Arts this June. I have however been absent from the studio and let you, my customers, down for extended periods of time.
I'm back home, glad to be here and hope we can get re-acquainted.


heidi kreitchet said…
Nicely Done, Tone!!!
June Perry said…
Good to see you back blogging Tony; and congratulations on the MFA. Can't wait to see some of your post MFA work.

June Perry
Anonymous said…
congrats on the mfa, like the new look of the blog... good luck getting back in the swing of things

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