Serving your detention

This is what happens when you just sit in on a class and don't do the homework. If you're really interested the teacher makes you do the work after class. I was teaching throwing at Metchosin and lurking in on the Master Glaze class. When Robin put himself to sleep during his own lecture the class poured cocktails and put on smiles.
Today Sheila and I started to do the glaze homework that Robin sent me. We spent 4 hours on our feet doing 100 test tiles of 2 glazes with 7 colourant additions of 6 different percentages and 4 oxide brush strokes. This is going to translate into a lot of information. We have 18 more glazes to do-oh my aching feet.
Robin sent me an nice little flat knife for dividing 10 grams of oxides into a grouping of 6 and I splurged and bought a little digital scale for $50. We will fire the tests this weekend with a load of pots for the showroom.


Oh, Tony. This is just what I was wanting when I asked for a 'general outline' of Robin's directions to you for finding Sheila's glaze. I did just as you told me to do and got out his book, "The Ceramic Spectrum" and have been studying it. Now what you just said puts it into a bite size dose for me to take off on. I will not be doing the hundreds of tests you are doing, but I am going to do some--at least enought to get a better understanding of the process and product! Thanks! Gay
smokieclennell said…
Gay: I had no intention of abandoning you. I had just received a four page list of instructions and glaze recipes. Robin is like a chef that knows his materials and how they will add to the broth. I couldn't tell ya about the soup at that time. I am trying to become that chef that will be able to help you be gourmet.

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