Dave and Issac

A few posts ago I stated that I stared at the teapots of David Shaner for hours when I was young. I now have this picture of his teapot above my wheel that I continue to look at. A friend asked why do I stare at this teapot when my own are so much more interesting. Well, if you take off instead of add more to my basic teapot form I hope you can see that Shaner's was the genesis of my teapot. There are things about mine like the foot I like better. I like a trimmed foot versus a flat bottom but that soft fat little gallery rim of his has got me licked.
At about the time I was loving Shaner's work I also had inclinations to be Issac Button the Country Potter and one day I threw 90 flat bottomed teapots and lids. The next day I threw the spouts and assembled them. I was a little disappointed I couldn't crack the 100 mark and knew Issac was looking down at me from Potter's Heaven in disgust. Today a good days T pot making yields 9. 1/10th of my earlier making. I'm now trying to please David as I no longer have the spunk to try to measure up to Issac. I loved both of these guys work and have had the pleasure to fondle both.


cookingwithgas said…
I just enjoy a walk through your blog.
I took a work shop with david shanner years ago and I still love his simple, yet, wonderful pots.
Those are some mighty fine teapots and like you I love fall-
OH- and fillers! A must in the kiln- they do pay the gas bill!
Togeika said…
Someone posted the Issac Button excerpt on facebook and did a search for the film and your blog popped up. Warren MacKenzie has been wanting to lend it to me but he lent his copy out and he don't know where it is. I though I might find it for sale, will go back and look.

My Sempai Euan Craig worked with Scottish potters in Australia. He said speed was everything there, and he worked watching his watch. But he got rid of the watch when he started at Shimaoka's.

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