Simply Red

Santa Claus has been distracting me with glaze tests. This one was simply to change the tin in the copper red glaze to titanium (equal parts). Well the change was to give us a cranberry red. The one in the middle is titanium. I did dust ground up peanut shells also Mo Santa information which gave small little blue opalescent highlights. I had ground them in my coffee grinder maybe next time just eat the peanut and put the shell on for more glitzzz.
For those of you that scoff at us making Christmas ornaments go ahead and laugh out loud. We place these little $15 Christmas gifts around bowls, plates, burner ports and just about any piece of available kiln space we can find. On average there might be 50 per firing. So do the math! $750 goes a long way in paying for the firing costs of a firing. They are also just perfect at this time for me to do some experimenting with the glazes that Moi Santa is forever barraging me with.


June Perry said…
Great idea Tony - fun, practical and monetarily rewarding. Who could ask for more! :-)
kimmie said…
Right, Right, Right.
My pick is the red on the right.

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