Whodda thunk it???

A Sheridan student Chari Cohen brought in a broom stick with a string on it to teach me to fly cast. I had grand ideas of fly fishing while finishing up my MFA in Utah. Well I’m back to thinking about fishing and Chari sent me some good advice that I think also relates to pottery making. Here is her advice: Keep to the basics, one rod, one line, one reel, one pair of waders (Canadian Tire models work too), one box of flies, one small shoulder bag (army and navy canvas bags work) to hold your stuff in or just a pocket in your waders, Remember that the fish don't care how you look but the stores do$$$$.
I particularly like the last line- the fish don’t care what you look like but the stores do$$$$$$$. I’ve often looked at my dirty old wheel that I never clean and wonder if I need something more snazzy? Then I think heck I’d never clean it anyways, this one works just fine and I’ve been producing a lot of fish from it year in and year out.
Here is a picture of Chari 15 minutes from Sheridan in the Humber River that runs thru Toronto. So you don’t have to go to Utah!!! You’d have thunk it? Hold the where’s the third eye on that fish jokes!


Richard Aerni said…
Ha! I guess I'll use you to blame for all my old clothes and old scrounged equipment! I like it...no need for excuses anymore.

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