What's All the Fuss About Reduction, Anyways?

As much as I respect Steven Hill I gotta say it doesn't get any better than using one glaze (yep, that's right folks one shino glaze) some slips and some mojo and ya get copper red, temmoku, celedon, kaki, navy blue, bronze lustre, leopard spots, black, orange, etc, etc. No room full of different glazes for this cowboy.
I am going into Sheridan next week to recruit the help of one of my students Marcelina Salazar to help me photograph this work. My point and shoot $99 Nikon Coolpix and the glare is not showing you what is there. Hopefully with the help of screens, polarizing lenses and all the tricks up Marcelina's sleeve I'll be able to post some decent shots for you. With all the variation of colour this is a very complex and deep surface to capture under the shine of my showroom lights.


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