Mug and bowl 2009

This weekend faculty and alumni gather together at Sheridan to throw mugs and bowls to raise money for the Clay Club. The Clay Club provides money for visiting artists and when ever Nceca is within a 500 mile striking distance of Toronto the Canucks invade America. Normally 20-30 Sheridan students attend Nceca. The sales of mugs and bowls generally help with travel,Nceca fees and accommodation. Hey it's no Club Med since often times there are 8 to a room. Don't tell anyone.
Here is a pic of me and the little guy Patrick Cheung who after graduation went on to apprentice with Scott Barium a damn fine Ontario studio potter. The two tables have the work of Patrick and I. I told him if he worked like me one day he would be my height. Here is a pic of the gang and Chef Hugh Douglas Murray serving up the sausages and pizza for the vegetables. Here is the boss man Bruce Cochrane admiring a damn fine bowl that he wished he had made.


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