Rekindling an old love

Three years ago this Christmas I took off for Utah State and my pot making here at home went to hell in a hand basket. When I got home I made what would sell- bowls and plates. Bowls and plates and more bowls and plates. Easy to make, no appendages, no fuss, no muss. Today I revisited an old love- the jug. I made a series of 5 the number I always seem to work in. It's a lucky #, I guess. So many human reference in the jug- foot, belly, shoulder, neck, lip and arm.
I had made a post to my blog earlier showing a reference to Medieval jugs. I think it was June Perry that said it would be interesting to see what you would do with a thumbed bottom. I have been thinking for a couple of weeks now that the thumbed bottom would make my jugs look primitive and there for not contemporary and valuable. Well, I did it and I like the look. Here are the jugs in process coming to completion with slips and paper resist decoration. I was so excited with these tallies that I started today 5 fatties. I throw these jugs in 3 sections and what you are seeing with the fatties is the middle section. I will show you on the next post to my blog what they're all about and I'll finish with them fired. Should be a week or so.


Cindy Powers said…
Those I real beauties. I love them slipped and lined up in front of the red chairs. I hope we get to see them fired.
klineola said…
Hi Tony,

nice post! I really like the pours on those bellies! Could you talk about the sequence of the design, specifically the light colored "leaves"?

I look forward to the rest of the making of the jugs!


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