I guess I ought to celebrate my 500th blog posting with some of Sheila's colour spectaculars. She got new glasses and is really going to town with the colour and reticulated surfaces.
500 postings to my blog all started in 2007 when I went to China with the USU gang. It was a way to keep in touch with family and has continued as a personal diary of an ole mud slinger. It has been a crazy year and most of the insanity I can't share with you. The politics of Crappademia must remain inside the Ivory Tower. I love the job but look forward to a some quality time in the studio with some side trips to Vancouver Island, Texas and The Jersey Shores.


FetishGhost said…
It's been a whole lot of fun getting to read and see how it all happens.
I'm excited about the time in Texas part! Got the info today and am sending in my registration. Would love to get to meet Sheila and maybe take you out for a real Tex-Mex dinner.
Laura said…
It's splendid.

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