Wearing two hats

My new lid arrived from Art Fawcett Vintage Hats in Oregon( whiskey with a olive trim-nice!). Custom made for my big noggin from 100% beaver felt. One day I'm dressed down for firing the wood kiln at Sheridan along with colleagues seen here Marc Egan and Bruce Cochrane. The next night I'm all decked out in my finest to go to the Sheridan Grad Exhibition at the Gardiner Museum. We have since unloaded the wood kiln and I'm very pleased that two of the third years had some killer pieces in the kiln. They worked hard for these pieces so it is true the harder I work the luckier I get.


bfreeceramics said…
cheers to that, tony. nice hat.
bfreeceramics said…
Dapper! (says crista)
Jim said…
Hey Tony, I'm thinking maybe you and Van Morrison...twins separated at birth?
Boy I'd really like to be firing that kiln with you right about now.

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