T for Tony and Texas

I love Texas. Why wouldn't I? I love music! I love Mexican food! I love meat and I hate the cold. I am doing a workshop at Castroville Pottery just outside of San Antonio. I wonder if they have any Cuban cigars?  Going to focus on making everything outside the scale of function since everything is always bigger in Texas. Going to make some Texan creamers, sugar bowls, chili bowls and chargers that won't fit into the oven and certainly not in a microwave.  In Texas SIZE MATTERS!
I did a workshop in San Antone about 5 years ago and can't wait to go back. I love that town. Hope to see
y'all real soon, ya hear? Gotta practice that as there is nothing more embarassing than a northerner trying to be a southerner. Yawl, ya all, y'all y'awl, eh!


That great poster does not give a date for your workshop in Casterville. I am excited that Texas is getting another dose of Tony-wisdom! I want to be there, too!
tony said…
Sorry Gay I forgot the dates. June 17,18,19. Hope to see you there. All the best to you and Jim Tc0
Wow, three days! Maybe we can steal you away for a visit, too. We've moved, live right by the airport. Will be happy to provide transportation either coming or going, if needed.
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