Don't drink and drive

I came home from Harlan's workshop the other day all excited about slip casting. I went directly to the fridge and poured myself a healthy glass of cheap wine and loaded it up with ice cubes since I needed a refreshment. I sat down at my computer to load up the pictures to send to y'all and spilled the entire glass cubes and all on my laptop. Needless to say it is pickled. I was able to get the IT people to save 80% of my stuff from the hard drive and I had to buy a new computer. It was 7 years old and considered a dinosaur by many. I miss him dearly.
So here are some pics from Harlan's workshop. He did some remarkable throwing and demonstrated mould making and drain casting. The students loved his stories and since he wasn't on the college payroll the room was full of colourful language. He generously shared 40 years of glaze and clay research with the students as well as he donated 6 wine boxes full of books/magazines on Chinese ceramics.
He made a row boat analogy that has stuck with me. In this game of ceramics it's like we're rowing a  boat.  We can see where we've been but not where we're going! Then he said maybe it's a good thing to not know what is ahead. Keep mystery alive!!
Great workshop, amazing maker!


ang design said…
ooops wine and computers just dont get along :s yeh for the new toy though and it sounds like an amazing workshop I love the ones with lots of history and wisdom perhaps one day I'll get to that point :))
John Tilton said…
I've seen Harlan's pots for years and they have always knocked me out. John
bfreeceramics said…
considering the amount of wine, beer, bourbon and coffee that's been around that computer of yours you should be happy it lasted so long!
Unknown said…
are there more pictures?????
Nude Games said…
I have thought and have removed this phrase

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