Bon feu!

Yesterday we fired the wood kiln at Sheridan. Where there is smoke there's fire and the crew had the kiln up to Cone 11 flat top and bottom without a stall, a battle, or a curse word. The firing had been well prepared with good dry wood split and a schedule of short 3 hour shifts. Some of the hard core pyromaniacs couldn't leave after their shifts and just had to be around to hear the kiln roar with the perfect stoking pattern. Less wood, more often was the operative strategy on this firing. The chimney for this kiln is around 40 or more feet high so when the draught is established it can suck up small kids and critters. Security reported a glowing red lid out in the parking lot. Hey, if you believe that I got some swamp land in Florida to sell you.
We open the kiln on Friday. One of the students made  a kiln god to look over the firing. All should be well!


Togeika said…
Gnarely yunomi dude! I bet your mugs don't have handles. ;^)

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