Harlan House

My old friend Harlan House is coming to teach a two day workshop at Sheridan College this Monday and Tuesday. Harlan is not on the payroll of the college so he can and will say whatever enters his mind. Me being a Graduate student of Robin "Grass" Hoppers private club entitled "Mischievous Little Shit Disturbers" will be encouraging Harlan to tell the students such stories as "The Pissing Contest" which is his diatribe on the state of the Arts and Crafts movement in galleries today. Some of his latest work the Chinese junks have some good political stuff on them that sometimes contains the F bomb. He takes a good swipe at fast food and world politics including our own Prime Minister Steve Harper.
Harlan is one of the last Renaissance men that I know of. He and his wife Maureen have made a living from porcelain for more than 40 years in an old hotel that they have beautifully renovated. In the words of Canada's Red Green "If you can't find them handsome, find em' handy". Actually Maureen got a two in one package with Harlan. Great guy, great work and I'm excited to see him work and listen to his tale for a couple of days.


Hey Tony, That sounds like a great workshop , wish I was one of your students, please take photos and post them, your pal Mark
Marcey said…
..... And if it is too loose then use duct tape, too tight WD-40. Love Red Green!
ladyofclay said…
I wonder if he still has that leather brief case with the female torso tooled into it ? 30 years later and I still recall him walking into the ACAD lecture hall carrying it in a rather unique way - but then, he is a unique person !

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