Bus man's holiday

Here another poster for a workshop I'm doing in another one of my favourite places in the world- Vancouver Island. They downloaded the pics from our website and I see Sheila's boxes. I always get the glory for her fine work.
This is going to be yet another bus man's holiday for me as I plan to stay with an old cyber friend Les Crimp, visit a potter whose husband is a world class fly fisherman and then wouldn't go to the island without a couple of days with my long time friend Robin "Grass" Hopper. Robin is taking me on a tour of ceramics at the museum in Victoria and has promised a seafood soup that is to die for.

As well as the workshop I am on a panel with the BC Masters group. Never consider myself a master. I figure I need a couple more life times to qualify. It will as always be great to hang out with potters, tell some lies, eat some good food and drink some fine spirits. Life is good! I have been blessed with many great friends in all corners of the continent. This spring and summer takes me to Gulf of Mexico, the Pacific and the Atlantic. Nice!!!!!


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