Baseball Theory

If you pay to go to a conference and you come away with one good idea it has paid for itself. Well, I got my monies worth at the conference "Craft and the New Economy" yesterday at OCADU. A young glass blower from Tsunami Glass in Windsor, Ontario came closest to addressing what it has been like for me as a maker trying to pay bills and stay alive. The glass blower reminded me of the baseball theory as explained to me by my fellow grad student and friend Trevor Dunn.
One of the graduating students had a show. She took hundreds of small plates that were too small for function and hung them on the wall as a large quilt. Buy all or none! It was very effective.
Trevor said of it. If you take a baseball and mount it on the wall,  it is a baseball. Take 100 baseballs and mount them on the wall and it is ART!
So my price of admission was this- large groupings of big, medium and small clay paintings in a random star/orbit arrangement.
Hey Dennis if ya got this far the Canuck dollar is worth more than the greenback. Sure you want American dollars?


John Bauman said…
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Dennis Allen said…
I paid US I'll take the refund in US. The South will rise again.

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