Manhattan's on the porch

When we first came to look at this house there was a painting on the gable at the front of the house. A sure sign that this was an artist's house. It was in the agreement that the painting was not part of the deal. It had been painted by the previous owner before the seller and she had asked if she could have it back. She feared someone would paint over it.  It was a self portrait of( artist/sculptor Pat Foss) and her 180 lb dog named Botero. Well to make a long story short Pat's son is a artist, sculptor, writer and singer song writer (Tor Lukasik Foss). Tor wrote an article on us some years ago.  We made the connection as we both love his art and wondered what happened to the  painting. Tor put me in contact with his mum and she and Botero are coming back to welcome you at our front door. This could very well be a portrait of Sheila and I. Sheila would have to put on weight but the dog certainly has my neck. Good looking woman, a cigar, a couple of Manhattan's hmmmmmmmm sounds like a plan.


Paul Warner said…
The painting is still here. Hanging in a place of honour in the workshop.

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