Is that a banana

in your pocket??? We're back to the drawing board with the new work in e-ware. Had some issues with pinholing and then the worst of all evils -shivering. The potter's best friend the hammer did some major damage to about a months worth of work. I promise I'll have this new work ready for a show in 2050.

Making lots of these little bowls to test what now amounts to about 10 different slips. I may need another life time.


Anonymous said…
I feel your pain. People think we are crazy smashing our work to bits. I recently moved to working with earthenware as well. I had great troubles with hot water failure.Mugs would practically explode in my hands when I poured in the water. Had to destroy a load of mugs (Hammer-time). Your pots are looking great so I hope you figure out your troubles soon so you can spend more effort on the fun stuff.
Linda Starr said…
I tried like heck the other day to smash some pots and I could hardly get them to break and if I don't want to break them somehow I knock them against something and they break easily.
smartcat said…
Gotta love that hammer. I keep mine near the door so I can grab it as I go out to smash pots for holes in the driveway. (Terra cotta makes wonderfulfill.

I think little test bowls are so much better than test tiles....sometimes I even sell them and am continually amazed at the uses people find for them.

I will never stop loving terra cotta, but sometimes it makes my head feel like it's going to explode!
John Post said…
Hi Tony,

If you want some calculation help tweaking your cone 1 glaze or slip, send me the recipes and I will run them through Glazchem for you. My guess on the shivering is the expansion is probably too low on the slip or the clear glaze.

All the best,


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