A Dry Rain

I'm off tomorrow to NCECA Seattle with 11 of Sheridan's clay mules. 7 out of 8 of my second year students are going. The 8th would have come but $$$ is an issue. We wish Jenna could be with us. There are 3 third years and one first year. Heidi McKenzie of third year was selected to give a  presentation at NCECA on networking. Heidi is the best log roller in the country bar none. Heidi went thru a practice session with us today and she is going to knock em dead.
It speaks to the quality of our program that our students are willing to spend a lot of their money to travel almost 3 thousand miles to attend a clay conference. They will return richer than most can imagine.
They say it always rains in Seattle, but it is a dry rain. I told them to bring umbrellas so we can get from the exhibitions to the bars. Look out America!


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