The Wheel Turns

Last week at Pinecroft my cousin Brenda gave me a bunch of old envelopes containing some of my Uncle Jimmie's stains. Some of the envelopes were from MacDonald College in Quebec where he went to study ceramics and met my Aunt Cavvy. These stains would be from around 1946. Some were from Medalta that would predate WW2. It will be fun to test and use them. Never one to buy small quantities of stuff I got a bag of 5kg/12 lbs of yellow stain. I have always like horse's eye decoration and when I was given this bowl by potters Don and Maureen Ross I noticed my aunt and uncle must have loved it too. This is a lead glazed bowl that I am guessing is circa  late 60's or early 70's.  They called this glaze "Light Northern Lights. It was their manganese glaze on white earthenware. On red eartheware it was "Dark Northern Lights." Who said that early potters didn't know a thing or two about marketing.


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