The Hopper Influence

The screen saver on my Mac is Edward Hopper's The Nighthawk. I love that image and especially the snazzy fedoras the guys are wearing.

On this journey of rediscovery with e-ware the cover of Robin "Grass" Hoppers Making Marks sent out a subliminal message to me. One of my favourite pots from the Grass Munster is that unglazed plate with the chrome brushwork. He is a glaze guy and yet he chose a pot without glaze to feature. Even the agate ware plate featured on his Ceramic Spectrum has only a small center part glazed. Sooooooooo we have made a series of wall plates showing off the red ware, the dry slip and patches of glaze. Putting a glaze on made them less interesting for us. Sheila now wants to add more information in the form of patches of reticulated surfaces. If this tiny kiln has any advantage it is that we are changing weekly. Some disappointments and some small steps forward.


Anonymous said…
breathtaking......the surface resonates......punctuation unabashedly new.......!
imagine said…
This looks much more "you".
I had thought that some of the glazing was weakening
the strength of some lovely pots, but this finish is adding to the already strong forms.
It's getting exciting.
Ron said…
These are great. My favorites so far.

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