Spiciing up your life

Today was a whirlwind of a day at Sheridan. We had to make clay, glazes, fire the salt kiln, load the car kiln, entertain the Associate Dean and two nice suits from University of British Columbia. And oh yeah I demonstrated the two piece casserole and gave them their homework for the weekend. I can't give them too much time off for fear that sex will happen and babies and the down fall of our program. We have several Spanish speaking students in the class and in their honour I got some jalapenos to put in our burritos. Traditionally salt is put into the kiln using metal rails. This is so unsexy so I made up burritos with wet sawdust, rock salt and jalapenos and banana skins wrapped in newspaper and taped with masking tape to a piece of stoking wood from the wood kiln. The burritos are easily tossed into the firebox of the kiln.
When the big shots tour the studio and all this human activity is happening how can they leave and wonder what has happened to the North American work ethic. It is alive and well and living in the Ceramic Dept at Sheridan.


Always love reading your blog. Thanks, Tony.

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