Long awaited cocktail

It has been 6 days since we first started loading pots into the anagama known as Lord Baltimore. It took a day to load the kiln with hundreds and hundreds of pots and another half day to build the step grate and brick up the door. The match was lit on Tuesday at 2:30. I can't thank Chris Lass enough for hosting the Hamilton Potters Guild Wood Fire Mentorship Group at her studio and wonderful kiln. Chris and her husband Mark were fabulous hosts and gave help and guidance throughout the week. To celebrate the final stoke we had a beer and bump or a pint and a gold watch. We all shared a well deserved beer and a shot of Maker's Mark. A fitting brand of bourbon for the marks the kiln will leave on our pots. I am sure the crew is either sleeping or sitting in a chair in some state of coma. We will have to wait till next Saturday to see the fruits of our labour.  Four days of firing and 23 bundles of wood ought to leave a remarkable surface. Fingers, toes, legs and t's crossed.
Talk around the kiln this morning was the high prices we could all charge. Ha, ha! I've been down that gravel road before.


GRASS said…
Y'all don't even look sweaty!
Dennis Allen said…
You've got new Harley inside that kiln if you can sell those pots for what they are worth
Old Lady from P.S.H. said…
Real potters load kilns in the rain!

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