No where in the world

I've been everywhere man but no where in the world have I seen a group of potters being treated like royalty. We were greeted in Korea by 5 of the 7 designated master potters of Korea. First evening the masters and their wives cooked us up a feast fit for kings and queens. Our first day we toured their studios which mind blowing. I have seen such exquisite porcelain in my life. There were 100 lb vases that were carved and inlaid with celedons to die for. Some pots were said to take over a month just to carve and decorate. I felt very insecure about my presenting at the festival but I am what I am and I ain't what I ain't.
After the tour we went to Icheon Potters Festival and were then invited by the Mayor of Icheon for a mind numbing dinner that included countless dishes of yummy food. His Cultural Affairs team and translators were also there to greet us. We were presented with a beautiful lidded cup and saucer with crane inlays and a too die for handle. I thought I wasn't going to see a good handle in Korea.
In our backyard there are some nice ongi pots filled with feed for the rooster that has woke us each morning.  He may be my dinner if he keeps it up.


Cambria Pottery said…
Fascinating account and so candid.
Dennis Allen said…
Livin' the dream.Amazing how 40 or 50 years of hard work can help a guy luck into something.
sddonlon said…
Hey Tony, sounds like a treat AND an honor! Take lots of pics!,

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