R U Happy?

The topic around the firebox over the past week centered around the topic “R U Happy? Answers varied from we’re working hard on it to I am contented but not really happy.
So I took the day after the firing and drove to Toronto to have a belated B-Day lunch and dinner with my daughter Robin. Lunch was with potter friends- a plate by Ryan Marmoseo(sp), beet soup in bowls by Marcelina Salazar,  plate with brie and pepper corns by Deb Freeman,  and plates by Gayle Fairchild.  I was on the table in the form of a vase full of iris, Lesley MacInNally  was in the bathroom and Mary Philpott in the living room.  Robin has a house full of great furniture, fine craft and pots. Her old man didn't pick them for her. She did! It comes from a life surrounded by tasteful things.
She toasted me and said “ Dad, r u happy?” I said what the hell are you asking me that for? She said “ We should be asking that of each other more often.” I raised a clever one!

So I know my thoughtful readers are waiting for my answer. Before I answer the question you have to answer.  If you are genuinely happy then I am so thrilled and would you please share your answer.  It may make you a fortune. If you are not then don’t hang your blues on me or anyone else. Only you can make you happy!
So my answer is – I’m workin’ on it! I’ve learned from yesterday. I lovin’ today. I’m looking forward to tomorrow and I think this afternoon I need to have a wee power nap.  Life is good for those that know that life is good.


Vicki Hamilton said…
Happiness and love & belonging are among Maslow's Heirarchy of Human Needs. Not in that order though, I don't think. I am grateful for the partnership with my sweetie and for the happiness that is allowed to grow inside that partnership. Most of us are never completely alone - there is relationship with our passion, our students, our teachers. We might actually be "happy" for 5 minutes at any one time and the swirl around what we define as "happiness" includes lots of ups and downs. Our job is to "be with" that swirl, and to be grateful. Thanks for the opportunity to delve into this a bit T.
Maggie Hesketh said…
Hell ya! On the right side of the grass and working in my studio.
chandler said…
i think the times when I'm not happy make me appreciate when I am. I am way happier on sunny days when I can poke around the garden and toddle in and out of my studio. I'm not so happy in the winter looking out at the thermometer reading -30 day after day: but that must be why I am SOOOO happy having just come in from raking the barely awake garden in a rain shower and now drinking some nice cold white wine and writing to you: oh sweet potter you. hey, Im going to go put the wine in a Jen Drysdale cup: hang on..OK whew.
Happy belated BD T.
I am happy. 2015 is off to a very good start for me.

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