All in a days work

There was a day when I would take pleasure in seeing ware boards full of pots after a day in the studio. Dozens of mugs, pie plates, bowls, casseroles and some jugs, not no mo! Those days are over and I have a hand to prove it. I always tried to throw $1000 worth of pots in a day. For those of you that know $1000 thrown is not $1000 in your wallet. Read my book for the 150 other things ya got to do.
 I'd put the kids on the bus at 8:05 and would have pots on ware boards by 9am. The kids got home at 4:30 so that was the end of my day in the studio so I learned to make fast. I always thought my secret was I sat down before bed and figured out what I needed to make the next day so I didn't go out to the studio and wonder what the hell I was supposed to be doing. I knew, had slept on it and was ready to rock and roll.
Today gives me different pleasures. I had rolled out the slabs for bird houses, cast two moulds after dinner and what I tried to do during the day kept me as busy as a ten peckered billygoat. I dropped my car off for new brakes, walked home the 2 miles, packed 3 boxes of pots for Hood College in Maryland, attended to my slip cast vases,  cast 2 more, started and finished 3 bird houses, rode my bike into get my car, did my laundry,  then  delivered the boxes to the Post Office.  What is great about all this is that if all is well in the universe what I made today is worth well over $1000 and I had fun doing it.
I think I may be going mad. I went on Apple Music today and listened to the Crazy World of Arthur Brown. I don't know if you remember "Fire".  I am the God of Hell Fire and I bring you-  Arthur Brown on occasion stripped naked while performing , most notably in Italy (where I am teaching in Jan, Feb and March ) where, after setting his hair on fire, he was arrested and deported. I am actually enjoying going mad. I am the God of Hell Fire and I bring you......Fire.
all in a day's work.

This is a literal translation of a house with door, window and chimney..
Our house is a very, very, very fine house with two cats in the yard
Life used to be so hard
Now everything is easy 'cause of you.
And our house ...

Crosby, Stills and Nash.


Anonymous said…
Isn't it great when you reach that certain age, when you can finally say what you are really thinking, do what you really want to be doing, and don't give a flying fuck what other people are thinking.
Anonymous said…
Like a three legged dog or cat, you adapt and keep running Tony.
Keep making that beautiful and interesting work!
Anonymous said…
Three months in Italy, how will those Italian birds like living in their newly designed digs?

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